Headteacher’s Message

Year 6- We've missed you!

I'd like to say a big welcome back to our Year 6s after their week away at Stubbers Adventure Centre. I went to visit them on Wednesday and they were all having a fantastic time. It was lovely to hear that the staff at Stubbers had particularly commented on how well-behaved and polite the children from Jotmans Hall were. You should all be really proud of yourselves. Well done Year 6. Have a good rest this weekend and see you on Monday to hear all about it.

Happy Half-Term

It's holiday time! After a busy half-term, it's time for a well deserved break. Well done to Sapphires for winning the KS2 Sports Day and thank you to all the parents that came along and made it such a lovely event. I look forward to finding out who are the champions of KS1 later in the term. We'll see you back at school on Monday 3rd June (Year 6 - don't forget to pack for Stubbers!). Have a lovely holiday.

Sponsored Walk

Our Sponsored Space Walk is well under way. A BIG Thank You to all the parents, grandparents and carers that turned out for a walk through the Universe, I hope you have come back to Earth now! The children have been having a fantastic time. Let's hope it raises lots of money so we can enjoy an Astrodome coming to our school and all become First Aiders with the help of Flat Stan.

Good Luck Year 6

After lots of hard work- the time is finally here..............the SATs test!

I want to wish all our Year 6 'Good Luck' for next week. I know how hard they've been working. All the teachers are all really proud of them. So make sure you have a relaxing weekend, try to have early nights and please try not to worry. Come into school on Monday, ready to go and all we ask is for you to do your best. YOU CAN DO IT!

Welcome Back to the Summer Term

We've all been back to school for a few days now and we're back into the routine after the Easter break. The move to eSchools has gone quite smoothly, with only a few minor teething problems. I hope you are all recieving letters and notifications about our upcoming events. If you are experiencing any problems, please come to the school office and we will try to sort them out as quickly as possible.

Happy Easter

I hope everyone is having a very happy Easter break. Thank you to everyone who entered the Easter colouring competition. All the entries looked wonderful in the hall and they helped to raise over £100 for the school. The winning entries are being proudly displayed in the Williams and Donavon window in Benfleet High Street. A big thank you to Williams and Donavon for sponsoring this event and providing the delicious chocolate eggs as prizes.

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The Mother's Day sale is in full swing this week. Lots of children are enjoying buying lovely gifts for their Mum, Grandma, Nan, Aunty or that special someone they want to say thank you to.

Thank you to all the Friends of Jotmans Hall volunteers who help run this fantastic event for the children and help raise much needed funds for the school.

Friday 15th March - It has been another packed week at Jotmans Hall School. Well done to Maple Class for an excellent Coffee Morning, and it was lovely to see so many parents and friends there to support the children.

We have also had an exciting Red Nose Day, with the children making some fantasic pictures from all the coins that were brought in. All the coins donated will be added up and the money raised will go to Comic Relief. Look out for the grand total as soon as we've finished counting!

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Earth Hour

To celebrate Earth Hour the children of Jotmans Hall School turned off all non-essential electrical equipment. We managed a whole hour without the lights on and not using our interactive whiteboards in the classroom. The Digital Leaders and the Eco-council joined together to ensure everyone was being compliant and to calculate how much energy we had saved. The telephone was allowed to stay on as it was judged essential, as was the hot water for the teacher's cups of tea! Without my computer on, I decided to use the time to tidy up. What a mess I made! 

Year 5 trip to The Appleton School

Year 5 trip to The Appleton School

The Year 5 from Elm and Sycamore Class had an exciting trip to The Appleton School today. They got a taste of life at secondary school. All the children had a really good time and were excellent ambassadors for our school. Well done Year 5.
Sycamore Class Cake Sale

Sycamore Class Cake Sale

Sycamore Class held a cake sale after school today to raise money for HARP. It was fantastic effort by all the children. They designed posters and bags, baked cakes and sold them with a smile. Well done Sycamore Class.
  • Maths


  • Jack and the Beanstalk

    Jack and the Beanstalk

  • Venn diagrams

    Venn diagrams

  • Geography


It was lovely to see all the children's work at Beech Class Coffee Morning. Thank you for everyone who came along to support this event.

Love was in the air at the Valentine's Cake Sale. Thank you to everyone that brought in donations and helped the Friends of Jotmans Hall raise a bit more money that will go towards some new interactive benches for the playground.


We would just like to wish everybody a very Happy Chinese New Year 2019.


We are over four weeks into the New Year and the children have quickly settled back in to school. You might have noticed a few recent changes on our website. We are all working to update it regularly, so keep an eye on it, especially your child’s class page. It might take a bit of time to get our website just the way we want it, so please bear with us. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions about the information you would like to see on it, please let us know.

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