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Shake it Up! - Experimenting with gases

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As part of our new Science topic on 'Changing States', children conducted an investigation to find out how fizzy different carbonated drinks were. First they learnt that all gas has mass and then they put this to the test in their experiment. Lots and lots of fizzy drinks were shaken to release the gas . We found out that coke and sparkling grape juice was the fizziest! 

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Thank you very much to all children for taking part in children in need.  The costumes were brilliant and they all enjoyed the morning wake up with Joe Wicks.  We appreciate all the donations that the children brought in for such a good cause.


The children have all worked very hard this week, we hope they have a restful weekend.



Literacy - adding the correct punctuation

Maths - please could you work with your children over the next week helping them to tell the time to the nearest minute ready for next Thursday

Reading - ask your children to explain our new school reading competition 

Times table rockstars

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Was lovely meeting lots of parents last night.  The children have been very excited this week talking about their Danbury trip and what they enjoyed the most.  They have begun to plan a letter that they will be sending to thank all the staff at Danbury.

In maths this week the children have been finding the perimeter of rectangles and squares and started to look at formulas.  


The children are all very excited about WWII day on Tuesday.  The children can come in dressed wearing WWII attire for the day.  We are not expecting parents to spend money on costumes as there are lots of easy ideas on the internet.  


Homework this week to be handed in by Friday 11th:

English - adding the inverted commas to the text.  Extension - children are asked to highlight some key features of the rules they learnt about inverted commas today.

Maths - finding the perimeter.

Times table rockstars



We hope you have a lovely weekend!

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Scrumdiddlyumptious Literacy!

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Sycamore have immersed themselves in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this week. They analysed both films and heard extracts from Roald Dahl’s text. On Tuesday Miss Warnes delivered Golden Tickets from Mr Willy Wonka himself and on Wednesday children were welcomed into his inventing room.


Children tasted 6 different sweets and then used adjectives to describe the taste, smell and texture. After this they used their whizpopping words to create their very own Piece of confectionary. 



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Welcome Back Sycamore Class


Mrs Bredin and I hope all the children had a great Summer holidays and have begun to settle in to Sycamore Class. We have a jam packed half term and are very excited to be heading off on an overnight adventure to Danbury Outdoors at the end of September.

We wil use our class page to keep you up to date with the latest news from Sycamore along with lots of pictures and snapshots of the work we are doing. This is the place to look for PE days, Non-School uniform days and any homework that has been set.

We look forward to meeting you at parents evening. If you haven't already please send your slip back to let us know when you would like an appointment. Hard copies of the letter are available upon request in the office.


Many Thanks 

Mrs Hindes 


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Important Information


Outdoor- Monday & Thursday 

Due to the building work both PE lessons will take place outdoors this term. 


Homework will be set on a Friday each week and is due on a Friday. Children are welcome to hand in their homework throughout the week.  We are very happy to help the children with any questions they may have about their homework. Please  make sure they come to us by Thursday at the latest so we have time to help them. Charlie

This week:

Literacy:  Charlie and the chocolate factory new product presentation 

Times Tables: Times Tables Rockstars 

Spelling: Handwriting using spelling words

Homework is due on Wednesday 25th this week because of the Danbury Outdoors Residential. Please let us know if there are any problems.

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