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30/03/20 Missing Sycamore Class


Well as week two starts we look back on the previous week.  We really hope all are well, I know Mrs Hindes rang around last week to keep in touch and make sure that everyone ok.  I hope you all had a nice restful weekend.  


We were very lucky last week with the beautiful weather, I hope that you made the most of it and were able to get outside for a walk each day.  We went out each day in the hunt for rainbows and even saw some minibeasts that people had put up on their windows.  Lets all pray that the weather brightens up as the week goes on. 


Looking ahead to this week, remember you all have your work packs at home that you can be continuing please.  We understand that a lot of parents have work to be doing from home so please don't worry if you don't think the children are doing as much as you had hoped.  If the children just manage to keep up with reading, timetables and maybe writing a diary each evening then that will be great.  Hopefully over this week some books will become avalible for free readers on bug club.  We will let you know when they have been added.


For those that would like a little bit more then please think about some practical activities that the children can do.  Todays maths lesson in my house is baking some biscuits.  This will allow the children to read instruction (literacy) and weigh out ingredients (maths).  Once they have cooled down the children will decorate them (art).  If you would like to make this a little more challenging then look at how much of each ingredieint you would need to make half or double the amount.


Earlier in the year the children were learning about World War II and heard about Anne Frank.  It would be lovely to hear some of your diaries when you are back at school.  Remember to add how you are feeling in your diary.  These will be lovely for you to look back on when you are an adult.


ICT - type in the following link and this will give you 25 lessons to work through (don't worry you don't need to do them all).  This will help you with your coding.


PSHE - search 'Gratitude Scavenger Hunt'.  


We love seeing what the children have been up to so please feel free to add any pictures to the Jotmans Facebook page in the comments of Fridays post or email the school and it will be passed onto us.


Have a lovely week!


Mrs Bredin



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Morning Everyone.......


Hello Sycamore Class! 

I really hope you are doing well. I've been in school this week looking after the children who have Key Worker parents. I know some of you have had some trouble getting onto Rock Stars and Numbots. Keep trying! We think they are having trouble as there are so many of you all over the UK who are trying to access the site.


Emily Coxhead, editor of the Happy Newspaper, publishes a newspaper three times a year full of Happy News. She has created a free 'Happy News' pack to celebrate positive news, acts of kindnes and encourage mindfulness. The pack even includes a template for you to create your own happy newspaper. You can download the pack at You don't have to have a Dropbox account , simply click 'no thanks, continue to view' .

 We would love to see your Happy Newspapers so please feel free to take a picture of it and send it to and put 'Sycamore Class Happy News' in the subject field. We will then share them on the class page. 

Twinkl, the parent and teacher resource site, also publishes a series of activites/learning ideas everyday which are all based around a picure. You can access Twinkl Imagine here

Keep Safe 

Mrs Hindes 

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Extended Easter Break


Good evening

We hope that you have all stayed safe over the weekend.  It was an extremely sad end to the week having to say an early goodbye to the children for Easter.  We were so proud of how the children behaved with washing their hands and the sensible questions they were asking us about this virus.  On Friday we did a little experiement with water and herbs.  The herbs represented germs and when they first put their finger in the water the herbs stuck to their finger.  Once they had used soap they put their finger back into the water and herbs moved away.  We discussed how these herbs were like germs and importance of washing hands and how it could prevent them from getting germs.


Tomorrow will be a very odd day for all.  We would usually be getting up and ready for school and instead most children will be waking and staying at home.  We understand that it is a very difficult time for everyone trying to get their heads around how working from home will work for the adults as well keeping the children entertained.  All the children will have recieived a work pack on Friday to give them a starting place.  Please do not get too worried about how much work you feel the children are doing.  This week is just going to be trying to figure out how things are going to work, this will be different for every family.  Some children will like having some structure and others will not, you must do what is best for your family.  


On top of the work packs we have given you there are a lot of online resources for the children to look at like timestable rockstars, bug club (this is in the process of being set up), numbots and many more so please have a look at these.  Twinkl is also a great resource which is free for parents to use at the moment.  You will have recieved a letter with all of the details of these including user names and passwords.


Joe Wicks is also running a 9am exercsie class which will be a great start to the day.


Remember the children can learn lots doing practical activities, the weather this weeks looks to be nice so make the most of your gardens, get the children to help you do some gardening, do some baking (if you have managed to get flour) so that the children can measure out the ingredients, arts and crafts, board games and puzzle.  


If you have any worries at all please feel free to email the school and your message will be passed on to us.  We will then email back as soon as possible.

Keep safe.

We hope to see you all back in Sycamore class very soon.

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Hello to everyone who can't be here........


Good Morning! We hope you are safe and are looking after yourself and your families. In class this week we are working on dividing numbers with remainders and we are starting to write a newspaper article in sentence stacking. 


I have also put together a selction of learning games you can play on your Ipad or tablet to keep your brains busy. Follow the instructions below to access the learning games. Keep safe and hope to see you soon. Mrs Hindes 


1. Type in the website address 

2. Click Sign in.

3. Enter the password zi6415 and then click on the login button. 

4. Have a play of some of the learning games! 

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Read all about it!


Sycamore Class have been learning all about the features of Newspapers this week. They read and investigated lots of articles to discover the most common features. Next week they will learn about how to write them using the 'Sentence Stacking' strategy. Rumour has it a very interesting Police Report is winging its way to Jotmans Hall as we speak .............. 

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Indoor - Tuesday 

Outdoor- Thursday 



Homework will be set on a Friday each week and is due on a Friday. Children are welcome to hand in their homework throughout the week.  We are very happy to help the children with any questions they may have about their homework. Please  make sure they come to us by Thursday at the latest so we have time to help them. Charlie

This week:

Literacy: Creating Eyewitness Quotes

Times Tables: Times Tables Rockstars 

Maths: Timetables


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