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Computing- Charity Cake Sale

Cake Clip 1 .JPG Cake Clip 3.JPG

As part of Sycamore Class' computing this term they are designing a range of different materials to host a Charity Cake Sale. Many of the children expressed a wish before Christmas to raise money to help the homeless, so they asked Miss Warnes if they could host a Cake Sale to raise money for the charity HARP. The children were delighted when she said yes and are looking forward to making cakes and treats in class before the sale. 


Last week the children made posters in Word using a range of dfifferent techniques and wrote letters, which will be sent out next week. The cake sale will be held on Friday 15th February in Sycamore Class. Check back for more examples of their work and information about the cake sale. 

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Explanations: Cracking Contraptions

syc cracking_001.jpg syc cracking_003.jpg syc cracking_004.jpg syc cracking_005.jpg syc cracking_002.jpg

Sycamore Class recieved a letter this week from Wallace and Gromit asking for their help. They have lost all the blueprints for their new inventions and have requested that Sycamore Class design new contraptions and write explanations for them. First, Sycamore Class learnt about the features of explanation texts and then created blueprints for a contraption to solve a household problem. The class did a cracking job and really enjoyed using their imagination. Amongst the contraptions were machines to groom pets, wash windows, clean the house and even catch home invaders. Have a look through at some of our blueprints. Come back next week to read some of our explanations! 

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Terrible Tudor Artists: Calendars in Progress

Terrible tudors.jpg

The children in Sycamore Class have been busy creating calendars for 2019. The children have drawn portraits of themselves as rich Tudors and then used watercolour paints to finish their masterpieces. Calendars will be sent home at the end of term, ready for the start of 2019. I am very impressed with their painting skills and I am sure you all will be too. 

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Important Information


Outdoor- Tuesday      Indoor- Thursday


Homework will be set on a Friday each week and is due on a Friday. Children are welcome to hand in their homework throughout the week. 

This week:

Spelling: Prefix Im-  Cursive Hanwriting Sheet 

Literacy- Palm Oil Comprehension

Times Tables- 5 Games of Times Tables Rock Stars 

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