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French Fun!

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Quelle heure est-il? Il est l'heure pour le francais! We had fun in french this week playing with the dominoes to practise telling the time. The children were challenged as well as enjoying themselves, racing each other to be the first to finish! Thank you to Mrs Attrill for organsing it. We are looking forward to see the children's outfits for World Book Day on Thursday!

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PE Leadership

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During this half term, Oak Class has been working with Beech class on developing PE leadership skills. The Year 6 students have worked on warm-ups, general ball skills, netball skills, and today they spent the sfternoon leading the younger children in football and basketball skills. The standard of teamwork and communication was extrmemly high. Well done, all the children involved. Have a good break!

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Investigating Dissolving

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This week we spent a hard afternoon investigating the best conditions for dissolving sweetners. The reuslts were varied, but the tests were carried out methodically and thoroughly, with a lot of tricky maths thrown in ! Well done, Oak Class.

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Safer Internet

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This week we have been talking about how to stay safe on the internet in our PSHE and Circle Time: We talked about the SMART acronym and how best to explain it to younger children, so that they knew how to keep themselves SMART (Safe, Meeting, Ask, Reliable, Tell). We put together a series of short plays to demonstarte this and showed them to rest of the school in assembly. Thank you, Oak Class, for doing such a good job, and thank you to the rest fo the school for listening.

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Amazing Materials

3f0d15985611e3514be6ef2b2ca0b5e2.jpg BE09586B-E8FA-49F8-8E31CE9204573984_source.jpg heat-conductors-fig-6-the-ability-of-some-common-materials-to-conduct-heat-what-are-some-examples-of-heat-conductors-and-insulators.jpg

In Oak Class this week we spent some time investigating the themal properties of a range of materials, in order to find out the best material for lining the inside of a lunch box. We decided the independent, dependent and control variables for our testing, and then carried it out. The reuslts were varied, but the approach was methodical  and scientific. Well done, Oak Class!

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Important Information

P.E : Please bring those bags back in as soon as poosible!


Literacy: Easter Skills Booklet; due 26th April

Maths:  Arithmatic Paper 5 and Reasoning Paper 2. Due: 26th April




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