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See You Next Year!


A huge thank you to the parents for their generous gifts this year. I haven't set homework for the holidays but have challenged the children to read 10 times and I will give them a full ERIC! 

Enjoy the rest and see you in 2020! 

Mr Holmes and Mrs Curtis

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Christmas Is Coming!



This week as we get closer to Christams a lot of our work is themed around Christmas. Next week, we will be building and making an eletrical light up Christmas Tree.Unfortunately more than a few children missed their golden time this week as they had not done their homework again. If your child is struggling with the homework please let me know as we can help them in class. Homework will be in on Thursday next week and holiday homework will be set then. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Holmes and Mrs Curtis 


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Christmas is coming



This week the children of Maple have been trying desperately to write a persuasive argument as to why children and schools should celebrate Christmas. I had taken the stance of 'Christmas is a waste of children's and teacher's time'. This opinion as one child elegantly shouted 'You should be in the World's Worst Teachers Book' . The children certainly engaged in the content and have hopefully learnt the basics of letter writing. Next week we will build on our letter writing and discuss different features of them. 

Have a good weekend, 

Mr Holmes and Mrs Curtis

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A Storm!

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This week concluded our writing of a fictional storm. The children of Maple were able to demonstrate the skills they have learned over the past weeks in a 'Big Write'. We have also been very impressed with their timestables and fractions this week. Despite some valiant efforts, we did lose the weekly battle between Lime class of timestables rockstars. Fingers crossed we will win next week. As voted by the class of Maple, we started reading 'World's Worst Teachers' as a class. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Holmes and Mrs Curtis

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Children In Need

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Thank you for all the amazing costumes and money raised last Friday for Children In Need! 

This week we have been developing our writing using powerful imagery and similies as well as begining fractions in Maths. A quick reminder that children are expected to be reading at home 5 times a week as well as playing times tables rockstars. Starting the week begining 25th November I will be running catch up reading sessions for the children who aren't meeting our reading expectations during their lunch, which will be explained to them. 

Have a lovely weekened, 

Mr Holmes and Mrs Curtis  


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What We Have Been Learning About!


The past two weeks have been great, 

We have learned what goes on a healthy plate, 

We have studied the Romans, 

and learned what it is to be humans. 


We have learned that bones keep you strong, 

If you don't believe us you are wrong, 

We have counted up to subtract, 

We have also learned to count back, 


In English we have been brushing up on our poetry, 

As well as learning that not all past tense verbs end in ed, 

Meanwhiile in PE we are learning how to move safely, 

Because Mr Holmes says that in the classroom we are too noisy, 


We've learned lots of French words for food,

However Mr Holmes can't pronounce them any good, 

in the coming weeks we want to show,

Just how much we can grow, 


Mr Holmes.

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