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Summer Term



Good Morning, I hope that you and your families are all well and safe. I have been impressed with the amount of children using 'Bug Club' to read online and can only encourage more of this. When I see that children have finished those books, I can allocate more. In the coming weeks, I will do my best to offer feedback on any work they are doing at home, not just the work that is being set via Google Classroom. If you have done anything you want to show off please do upload it! 

Looking forward to seeing what you've all been up to! 

Mr Holmes.

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Good morning Maple class,

I hope you and all your families are well. Just a quick reminder that the free readers are now set up on 'Bug Club' and have access to books online. I will allocate more books when pupils have read through them. Over the next few weeks we will be coming up with some resources and ideas for children to continue their home learning. Due to the shorter term Children of Maple didn't get to finish their Ancient Egypt topic. Therefore the following is optional and no one is expecting you to go out and get anything extra. Using Lego, building blocks, toilet paper, or whatever you may have in the house you could build a pyramid. If you happen to make one you are proud of, please take a picture and email it to the school office. 

Thank you, 

Mr Holmes

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March Madness


Hello Maple Class, 

I would firstly like to say thank you to everyone who was in school on what what the last week of school. I hope that you are keeping busy and active during this period. It is a shame that we cannot be at school these next two weeks but that doesn't have to stop us doing activities that will help our learning. Although many of you do have a variety of books at home, I would like to encourage you to read the books allocated on 'Bug Club'. Almost all the class have been on TimesTables Rockstars which is positive to see.

In the coming week if you are stuck for ideas, I would reccomend looking at a recipe for something to cook. It would be beneficial to look at the features of a set of instructions and then to follow them, If it is required you will need to use your existing knowledge of scales/measures and fractions to work out what quantites are needed. This will help with your English and your Maths, as well as being a fun indoor activity you can do. 

If you have finished your home learning packs, please could you let the school know and we will do our best to provide some more resources for you so that you can continue to learn at home. 

Thank you, 

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Book Day

book day.jpg

This week we have continued building on our knowledge of Ancient Egypt and begun writing a recount of an explorer in ancient Egypt. The idea being that we will write a newspaper report next week. In Maths we have been working on word problems and missing number problems surrounding addition and subtraction. Thank you to all the children who dressed up for world book day and bought in their favourite books. 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Mr Holmes and Mrs Curtis 

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Ancient Egypt



Ancient Egypt

Welcome back after a lovely half term. We have begun this week looking at ancient Egypt and all aspects of their life. Next week we will continue developing our knowledge of addition and subtraction. Congratulations to those who attended cross country trials from Maple and to those who were succesful. I look forward to training with pupils over the next few weeks during a lunchtime. 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Mr Holmes and Mrs Curtis


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What We Have Been Learning About!


The past two weeks have been great, 

We have learned what goes on a healthy plate, 

We have studied the Romans, 

and learned what it is to be humans. 


We have learned that bones keep you strong, 

If you don't believe us you are wrong, 

We have counted up to subtract, 

We have also learned to count back, 


In English we have been brushing up on our poetry, 

As well as learning that not all past tense verbs end in ed, 

Meanwhiile in PE we are learning how to move safely, 

Because Mr Holmes says that in the classroom we are too noisy, 


We've learned lots of French words for food,

However Mr Holmes can't pronounce them any good, 

in the coming weeks we want to show,

Just how much we can grow, 


Mr Holmes.

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