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Mini Legoland

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This week we created a mini Legoland for Acorn Class to visit. We charged 1 Duplo brick per game and the children won some fantastic lego prizes. Cedar Class created the games, the signs and really showed fantastic leadership skills when showing the younger children how to play their games.


We are still focusing on reading and phonics. Please don't forget to practise this Daily!!


Monster book of phonics is due Friday 5th July! We will collect these in and give certificates and stickers out accordingly!


Have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Andrews

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Phonics Screening

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Its nearly Phonics Screening Week!


This is a govenment issued test that all year 1 children in England will take part in. The children know they are being quizzed on their phonics next week but we are keeping it as 'fun' as we possibly can and taking all the pressure away and there will be stickers and dojos galore!!


Please practise the real and alien words with your children to keep their brains ticking ready for the weekend.


Whilst we are on the reading note. It saddens me to say that lots of children simply aren't reading at home. Please make sure you read with your chlid as much as you can. It really is such an important time and a great chance to bond with them. Please also remember to pop a little note in the reading record to state that you have read so we can give the children the stickers they have earned.


"A child who reads will be an adult who thinks!"

 - Unknown.


Have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Andrews 

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Curry night!

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What a half term!!

Thank you so much for coming to our Curry Night! Hot Jotmans Curry Bite is the apparently the place to be! The kids served over 80 of you! Such a success and we are so thankful for your support. 

A huge thank you also goes to Mrs Chapman, Mrs Hindes, Mrs Harding, Mrs Edwards, Mr Lee and Mrs Ward for all their help with the set up! and to Mrs Moyler and her wonderful team who helped us clean up afterwards! A Huge job, but so so worth it, so thank you once more!

Bug Club

Please continue to read over half term on bug club, I will be setting the children some extra books and will keep an eye out to see who has read the most and I will have a few prizes to dish out!

Your child's username is the first 4 letters of their first name and first 4 letters of their surname (if enough letters). Jane Doe would be janedoe but Mickey Mouse would be mickmous.


Enjoy the half term and we will see you next half term read for our new topic - Lego!!!

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Thank you to all the parents/carers/siblings and anyone else who came to walk with their child today. We had a LOT of fun and the weather held out for us! With that, football at lunchtime and swimming this afternoon. I think they will sleep well tonight! ... You're welcome!

We have been cooking frantically this week, making our peppermint creams and next week will be cooking our curries so they are fresh for Tuesday night!



 Hot Jotmans Curry Bite

5pm @ Jotmans School!


Children are to be picked up at regular time and come back to school at 5! Children can dress up in Indian inspired attire,  as a waiter/waitress or just dressed to impress!

Please also note, this is just a taster night. You will definitely still need to eat dinner either before or after the event!


Have a lovely weekend! 

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Cooking Fever!

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This week Cedar Class have been working hard and cooking for our 'Curry Night' on the 21st May 2019 @ 5pm!

Thank you so much to the parents who have already responded to the event by sending in their reply slip! If you have not done so yet, please respond by Wedesday 15th May!! The event costs £1 per person but we would much rather have you there than have the money. If there are any issues with money, please speak to us. 


We also took part in the KS1 Raquets Festival at Deanes School. It was good exercise, great fun and we learnt lots of new skills!


Please please please, reply to the curry night ASAP 

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