Dough Disco!

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Cedar Class have been working on our handwriting skills this week. One of the biggest barriers to legible handwriting is weak muscles in the hands. We talked about how we needed to practise things like zipping our coats and tying knots to help us. We have also introduced 'dough disco' to our handwriting sessions. We each have a ball of dough and follow the video which encourages us to move our hands in different ways. We then had a go at making our initials with dough too. Check out the pictures! 



We will soon be sending out a buffet of homework for the children to complete. In the meantime, please encourage your child to read as much as possible. We also discovered that lots of children didn't know how to spell their surname. On 1st February we will be having a little quiz to see who has been practising and there will be lots of Dojo's up for grabs!

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