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Happy Half Term

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The children have been working ridiculously hard this half term. 

In Literacy we are now feeling pretty confident in;


conjunctions (and, but and so)

Capital letters

finger spaces

full stops

commas in a list (The sweet, delicious and juicy mango.)

Making our handwriting small enough to fit on lines on a page

forming all letters in the alphabet.

  • along with reviewing and consolidating the phase 2 and 3 phonic sounds.
  • In Maths we can;
  1. Sort objects by colour, shape and other factors
  2. Count forwards and backwards to 20
  3. Add numbers within 10
  4. Subtract numbers within 10
  5. Write number sentences
  6. Count in 2's
  7. Count in 5's following a youtube video (link here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EemjeA2Djjw)
  8. and enjoy using multilink, numicon, 100 squares and numberlines to help us.

We have handed out our buffet homework sheets this week. Please note, these are due 4th December.

We have also sent home 3 books for half term. 2 from the colour they are reading from and 1 from the colour above as a challenge. None of these books contain sounds we haven't learnt. But may contain phase 4 tricky words which the children will be unfamilar with. 


Thank you again for your continued support, have a lovely half term!

We think your children are complete and utter stars!!

Miss Andrews, Miss Goulding and the Cedar Class Team.

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IMG_1370JPG.jpg IMG_1369JPG.jpg IMG_1368JPG.jpg IMG_1358JPG.jpg IMG_1355JPG.jpg IMG_1354JPG.jpg greater than.png

Another fantastic week done!

The children have worked particularly hard. We have moved on to much more formal learning, whilst still trying to learn through our play and discovering new and exciting things. The children are rising to the challenge but you may notice them become much more tired of an evening whilst their bodies adjust to this new style of learning. 

This week we have been;


Ordering numbers 

Representing numbers in different ways

Looking at 'Greater than', 'Less than' and 'Equal to' (see alligator picture)

With this we have been gearing up for addition and subtraction which will follow shortly. 


We have looked at the story 'Harvey Slumfenburger's Christmas Present' (I know, I know, super early to think about Christmas) but we have been looking at this book and concentrating on repeating patterns, spotting tricky words in the text, looking at how many words make up a sentence, punctuation, finger spaces and capital letters! PHEW! What a lot to learn in 1 week!


We are reviewing Phase 3 phonics at the moment which the children learned in Acorn Class. The reason for this is the ensure they know these sounds before we overload them with new sounds. The children have been focusing on the following sounds for the last couple of weeks so should recognise them in their books which they are now bringing home.

ch - as in chick

sh - as in ship

th - as in thin

ng - as in ring

ee - as in sheep

igh - as in high

oo - as in moon and book (long and short sound)

The homework this week reflects the sounds we looked at this week. Please don't forget to write in your child's book every time you read with them. We are starting group reading next week and will be handing out stickers to children who have read 3 or more times in the week.

Homework is due in on Wednesday please :-)

Star Of The Week

This week's star of the week goes to Tilly! She has been trying super hard all week and stays focused and on task throughout the day. She is also very kind to her classmates and always tries to include everyone which is lovely to see. I hope Barnaby behaves for you.


Have a lovely weekend everyone! Pray for sunshine! :-)

Miss Andrews, Miss Goulding, Mrs Bray & Mrs Precious


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1st Full Week!!


Wow what a couple of days we have had!

Thank you to all the children in Cedar Class for working so hard. It has been a big jump from Acorn Class and we now expect a lot more from them and they are coping with this brilliantly.

Some of the changes you may have noticed are;



Your children are bringing home books to share at the moment. From next week we will be sending home Coloured books (please see the letter on ESchools) and they will get the chance to choose their own book and should be changing this daily as well as the story books to share. 


In Cedar Class we set a piece of phonics and maths homework every other week. The children have until the Wednesday to bring their work back. Your child should be able to complete this independently as we will have covered the activity in class but they may need a little reminder from you. Please encourage your child as much as possible with this. If the children have given the homework their best try, they will earn a sticker.

Barnaby Bear

We have a Class Bear called Barnaby, he will be going home with the star of the week each week.

This week he went home with Jai! Well done Jai!

Please see the  letter below for details. Barnaby has a facebook page that you can upload pictures to. Please search for /barnaby.bear.1422

Please note, Barnaby will only accept friend requests from parents of the children in Cedar Class and this will be stricly vetted to ensure the safety of the children and their photos and identities. Please do not be offended if your request to join is denied, it may be that he doesn't recognise you from your profile picture or name. Please speak to a member of the year 1 team if you have any issues with this.


Hi Cedar Class, I’m Barnaby Bear!


I like to go home with one child each week who has been working or trying exceptionally hard! I do miss my home in Cedar Class when I’m not there though so I’d really like it if you could take some pictures to share with them and maybe write some lovely sentences about our time too!


I know lots of people don’t have a printer, so I have set up a Facebook page for your grown-ups to share the pictures on. The page is private so nobody can see the page except for the adults of children in Cedar Class, but if your grownup doesn’t want pictures of you on facebook, that’s ok too, maybe they could just take pictures of me? On top of a mini post on facebook, I’d still really like you to practise your writing skills, if you’re not sure how to write just yet, that’s ok, perhaps you could copy something your grown up has written for you? Or maybe you could label some pictures you’ve drawn!


Please look after me! I used to live in a lovely house where I was given lots of cuddles and if I got dirty, I would be given a little wash to make sure I still look smart! Do you think you could do the same? (especially the cuddles part)


I’m going to spend the weekend at your house because I get lonely in Cedar Class on my own! Do you think I could stay until Wednesday? That’s a long time I know, but I feel like we could have a lot of fun together! Then on Wednesday afternoons, Miss Andrews has asked if you could share our time together with the class. If you feel a bit nervous about that, perhaps practise it with your grownups at home. Don’t worry though, Miss Andrews told me she will help you and said I can be by your side the whole time.


I can’t wait to spend time with you and your family and I really hope we can make some lovely memories together!


Yours Excitedly,

Barnaby T. Bear


Thank you for your continued support. See you all next week.

Miss Andrews, Miss Goulding, Mrs Bray, Mrs Precious and Barnaby. :-) 

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Minibeasts and Parliament!

P7110138JPG.jpg P7110012JPG.jpg P7110079JPG.jpg P7110027JPG.jpg P7110099JPG.jpg P7110107JPG.jpg P7110070JPG.jpg P7110004JPG.jpg P7110084JPG.jpg ruby and bobby 10.jpg ruby and bobby 1.jpg parliament.jpg

We've had a great week this week!

We went on our school trip to 'Wat Tyler Country Park'. Our activities included pond dipping, minibeast hunting and we even had a story in the woods!! We are now experts on all sorts of minibeasts!

Ruby and Bobby were lucky enough to travel to London on Monday to visit Parliament. They got to see where the debates take place and asked some great questions. We were then personally escorted to number 10 Downing Street for a photo opportunity! How lucky are we!! Ruby and Bobby got to take part in this trip as they are on the School Council and Eco Council. If this is something you'd like to be next year make sure you let your new teacher know!


New Classes!

The children should have now met their new teachers and are very excited to get going in year too! (They've forgotten me already!) It has been really wonderful to hear the lovely things their new teachers have said about them and I couldn't be prouder!

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Mini Legoland

IMG_9543.JPG IMG_9544.JPG

This week we created a mini Legoland for Acorn Class to visit. We charged 1 Duplo brick per game and the children won some fantastic lego prizes. Cedar Class created the games, the signs and really showed fantastic leadership skills when showing the younger children how to play their games.


We are still focusing on reading and phonics. Please don't forget to practise this Daily!!


Monster book of phonics is due Friday 5th July! We will collect these in and give certificates and stickers out accordingly!


Have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Andrews

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