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Happy Easter


Happy Easter

Whilst it's technically the Easter Holidays, it feels rather bizarre doesn't it! Thank you for all your lovely facebook messages on the school Facebook page and on the Barnaby Bear Page. 

I hope you're able to enjoy the sun at least a little bit!!

Don't eat too much chocolate!!

Miss Andrews x

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To be continued...!


So... we have had to close the school.


I'm completely heartbroken not to see all my Cedarlings every day! BUT technology is on our side. We will be updating this page weekly with little messages and bits and bobs to do and see etc.

I will more active on Barnaby Bear's facebook page. If you have facebook, add Barnaby Bear (the class bear) and we can keep in touch that way. (please note, I will only be accepting parents of Cedar Class on this page, for safeguarding of the children as I know parents have previously tagged barnaby in pictures when they have taken him home for star of the week) I'm already blown away with all the incredible stuff I've seen online and it's really heartwarming to see the whole community come together in this strange and scary time. 

If you have any problems or questions, please email the school and they will forward it on to me, or alternatively, send me a message via Barnaby!

Stay safe my lovely Cedarlings and their families x

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Welcome Back


Welcome back!!

We have once again hit the ground running! The children have been looking at money this week, identifying coins, ordering them and looking at the value of them. If you go shopping, ask your child which coins they should use. Many of us don't use 'real' money today, so this is a skill the children have found tricky! The more practise the better. 


This week we have made cupcakes this week to celebrate the children recieving 1000 Dojos as a class. We have measured the ingredients using grams and then made them. We will be using this knowledge to write instructions using 'Imperative verbs'. (a bossy word that tells you what to do) Test them whilst you're asking them to do something. We have been putting our hands on our heads when we use one. 

Put your clothes away.

Lay the table for dinner. 

Eat up.


Spelling Bee Spellings will be coming home with the children tomorrow (Weds 26th) Please check your childs bag and practise these with them. We will be doing 10 a day for the Spelling Bee. There is more information about the Spelling Bee on Parent Mail. Please note, All children will recieve a participation certificate for taking part! How Exciting!

Miss Andrews and Miss Goulding (she's back woohoo) :-)


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HAppy Half Term

poet.JPG poet 2.JPG

This week we were lucky enough to have a visit from Paul Jenkins a poet, who taught us what poetry is. We also created a poem about London together. Barnaby Bear kept a watchful eye over 'The Man in the Silly Hat' to see what he was doing. 

This week we also had our 'London Art Day' Where we learned about Banksy (we hope you like our Banksy inspired Valentines Day cards) we looked at the London Skyline and made sillouette pictures and also turned ourselves into members of the Royal family and put ourelves on stamps!

We have almost completed all our phonic sounds now (just a couple of phase 5 sounds to learn) but please please please keep practising them. Especially the new sounds as these are tricky!

Homework went out today, it is due back 20th March. The children need to complete at least 5 of these activities.

We look forward to welcoming the children back on the 24th February along with Miss Goulding who will be returning from her second placement and is very excited to see Cedar Class again. 


Have a lovely half term, 

Miss Andrews and Mrs Bray

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Back to work!


The children have come back with a fantastic attitude to learn. 

In Writine we have worked on New Years resolutions and why people make them and had a go at making them ourselves and then have been heavily focused on practising and reviewing our phonics sounds. 

New sounds

ay as in play

ou as in cloud

ie as in tie

ea as in bead

oy as in boy

New words to remember

phase 3

he she we me be you all are her was they my

phase 4

said have like so do some come little one were out what when there.

Please help your children by practising these regularly. They can also be found in the Reading Records.


In maths we have been partitioning numbers and looking at the tens and ones in numbers. We have been using Dienes to support this and we have almost mastered the 10 times table. Ask us if we can remember them!!

We've started learning about London and began by looking at the Great Fire or London. We will be revisiting this later on in the term and from next week will be focusing on the Geography of it.


We have also been checking children's phonics, particularly those who may need extra help ahead of the formal testing in June. More information about this soon.


Have a lovely week!

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