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Welcome back ! We hope you had a restful break over Half Term.

This week you should have received letters about our trip to Wat Tyler and The Deanes Sports morning . 

The children have come back to school rested and raring to go!

In phonics, we continue to practise all of the sounds learnt so far, in preparation for the Phonics Testing starting on Monday.

In maths , we are trying to use our fingers to count forward and backwards from a given number to help with adding and taking away. On 'Topmarks', the game 'Blast Off' is a fun way to practice this skill.

In writing , we are listening to the sounds of the rainforest and using describing words to imagine what we see,hear, smell and feel in the rainforest.

In order to recognise World Environmental Day (5th June) and World Oceans Day (8th June ) , we have been watching videos about plastic our oceans and landfill.The children were very concerned for wildlife and the state of our world in general with climate change. We have been thinking about refusing plastic packaging, reducing those we have,re -using and recycling . We are making posters and discussing ideas on how to cut down our waste and understanding that 'Throwing away' actually means throwing somewhere else.

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Half Term!


This half term has flown by , being shorter and having Bank Holidays and Polling Days! The next half term is going to seem much longer but is nicely punctuated with Sports Day, our trip and Space Day and Flat Stan First Aid training and visits to new classes, to name but a few events.

The children have worked very hard and are due a well deserved rest. They seemed to have embraced the Rainforest topic and are learning lots of information.

The year 2s have now finished their SATs tests and in the second week in June it becomes the year1 children's turn (and Year 2s who need to re-sit)  to complete their Phonics Screening checks. Then we can finally get stuck into our topic fully! 

We are very pleased that our 'Readers of the Week' are increasing , this week 5 Dojos go to Coral,Finlay,Finley, Teddy, Freddie,Adam,Dylan, Thalia,Madeline, James, Poppy H and Travis. Well done to those children !

After trialling the Book Swapping and with Cedar Class leading the way , we have decided to start to use the new colour system and free flow selection for reading, a letter should be coming home to explain this new system.

I hope the weather allows us all to get out and about and enjoy some fabulous experiences nearby and in far flung places! ( we do love postcard , if you can!)

Enjoy a lovely Half Term



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Week Four!


This week we have continued to keep revising real and fake words including phase 5 sounds , such as ew, ue, er, ir and ur. In the phonics tests children will have to put the sounds together in order to read real words and fake words , so it is important we use both in our practice.

This week's Readers of the Week are Poppy H, Coral, Finley O, James, Travis, and Madeline. Well done children to these children (and parents!).

Year 2s continue to sit their SATs tests and show incredible maturity at having a go and pushing themselves, We have been impressed with their attitudes.

In writing, the year1s have continued to look at poems, this week the focus has been shape poems where the carefully chosen describing words fit the shape of the rainforest creature.

Homework buffet sheets are being stuck in children's books but will now go out with your children if they haven't yet brought theirs into school. Can we urge parents to keep all spelling books, reading records and Homework buffet books in their school bags and bring them to school daily as this really helps when they are using these for their work in class.

In maths we have been looking at rotation by half, quarter and three quarter turns, following on from dividing shapes and numbers into halves and quarters. We have been using the game on 'Nrich' called 'Turning Man'.

We look forward to seeing you at the Fundraising event if you can make it and we are sure the children will enjoy their sponsored walk in the sunshine! We are hoping to raise much needed funds towards a great Space day and some invaluable First aid training for the children.


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Week 3!


This week we have been working hard on revising all of our phonics, which we will continue to do until the end of term.The children find air/ear/ure particularly difficult to remember. 

We have also been loooking at plurals (addind s and es ). In writing , the year 1s have started writing poetry, with acrostic poems about their chosen rainforest animals, they have come up with some lovely descriptions.

Year 2s have begun sitting their real SATs tests, beginning with the comprehension papers ( there are 2 , paper 1 being easier and paper 2 being much harder). Children need to be confident in their vocabulary knowledge and able to find answers to questions to achieve the expected level for their age. Teachers already have a good idea who will cope with this and all have been rewarded for trying .

In maths we have been looking at fractions , just halves , quarters and three quarters. We have been playing 'Halves and Quarters Interactive Mad Maths' game on Snappy Maths ,folding shapes and  playing dice games where the children shade fractions of shapes. We will soon move on to halves and quarters of numbers.

Well done to Emily O, Finley,Finlay,Adam and Coral who are our Readers Of The Week. They read 5 or more times and earned 5 Dojos each !



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Two weeks in!


This week the weather has been somewhat changeable after a warm Easter! Please remember to send in a light jacket as well as jumpers and cardigans as the wind can be very chilly at times. It is the season where the children tend to take off items which often get left in the playground so please, please remember to label your child's clothing clearly with washable pen/sewn in/iron on/stamped or whatever permanent naming tool as we are finding biro or pen used is quickly washed out and indistinguishable!

All this month, the year 2s will be popping out in various groups to do their SATs practice or real papers. So far they have tried hard and found their levels quite quickly, in  particular their maths work has put them in good stead to know their facts and use them quickly !

In phonics we are learning ph and wh.

As these weeks are short, we are limited with reading and your child may only swap their books each week rather than actually read to an adult. Please continue to  encourage your child to put their books in the swap books if they have been read and their book is signed.

Children reading 5 times per week or more will get Dojos for their efforts!

Well done to Evie, Poppy H and Thalia , who have acheived this so far!

In maths , we are finding 1more/1less, and 10 more/10 less using the 100 square. We are using the game 'Chopper Squad' (Topmarks)to practise these skills. In money the children would benefit from using some change to go shopping and counting 1ps,2ps,5ps and 10ps, and is ready 20p and 50p.

Buffet Homework will come home this week but there is plenty of time to complete this.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend !



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