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This week 24/1/2020


We have finished another busy week with lots of wonderful work!

Now we have  majority of the building work done , we have actually been able to start putting up displays around the school again . Beech Class have made me proud as Art Co-Ordinator with their wonderful sketching, printing and pastel work featuring London Landmarks.

In Literacy, the children have completed another Big Write which is carried out independently and assessed. This time around, the children re- wrote the story of the 3 Little Pigs. In phonics we have looked at wh, ph and aw. Well done to those children about to receive a Bronze certificate for 50 reads! More children are working their way towards this and will be gaining theirs soon. As we cannot say enough, regular reading (ideally most days) helps children progress and become confident readers, this in turn supports all of their classwork across many subjects in the future. 

In maths, we have been trying to learn our doubles from 1+1 to 10+10 and the corresponding halves. Today, we have enjoyed playing games including 'Hit the Button' which is useful for practising these skills.

The Year 2 children have begun to learn some songs in preparation for the Infant Music Festival.

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This week 17/1/2020


This week we have been busy reading special books and trying to put expression into our reading . The children have particularly enjoyed taking roles as the characters and narrators in our big book which is a play of The Three Little Pigs. We have used describing words to talk about the characters and are trying to use because, but and so in our sentences. In phonics ,we are now looking at Phase 5 , this week ie (as in tie), ue (glue) and ir (as in bird).

We have also been seeing who needs further support in phonics this term before the children are tested officially in June. We are hoping to send home some pointers of areas to support your child with , if neccessary.

In maths, we have been looking naming 3D shapes and their properties such as how many faces and vertices (corners). The Snappy Maths 3D shape game has been a fun way to reinforce this , we have also been making 3D shapes out of construction kits and spotting real world items that match these shapes. 

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Happy 2020!


Welcome back and Happy New Year!

The children have come back well rested and ready to start work, coping enthusiastically with a full week of new learning. 

We have begun our London topic talking and writitng about what we have seen of our captial city so far. The children have written sentences using because and but. We have begun to look at phase 5 phonics -oy/ay/ou/ea and use them in our spelling.

We have worked hard  (with practical resources) to make, draw and identify half, quarter and some 3 quaarter turns. We used the 'Snappy Maths' game to help us. 

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It's Christmas!!!


We are here at last!! 

The children have enjoyed the Fundraiser ,Carol Concert, Christmas stories  films, colouring/ Christmas puzzles and activities as well as making decorations this week. There was great fun to be had at Christmas dinner and lots of dancing and singing as well as some fabulous Christmas jumpers ( though we were all slightly roasting!!).

Thank you for your support this term and the kinds gifts! From all staff in Beech Class, we hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas and enjoy a well deserved break ! 

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This week! 13/12


We are all feeling really festive now and have begun all sorts of decorations and activities!

Well done to our Year 1 children who put on a marvellous 3 Nativities this week! What wonderful performances they were too! Thank you to all parents for your support in learning lines and with getting costumes for your children, it is much appreciated at this busy time of year!

The children have written the christmas story, described the Christmas tree and have been looking at 2d shapes and their properties, including lines of symmetry. 

Well done to those children who are still managing their 5 reads a week - Lottie, Amelia, Charlie and  Eden-Beau. Please keep reading as often as possible and make it part of your daily routine, bedtime is a particularly restful time to settle with a book and is a great habit to get in to for the future. It was encouraging to see so many children making bookcases or book corners part of their bedroom designs last week.

Have a peaceful weekend and don't forget to send in Fundraiser money for your children on Monday in a purse or named envelope!

Only 4 school days to go!!


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