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Book week


The children have really enjoyed dressing up as various characters and they look fabulous! Thank you for your hard work in getting them ready for today! They were lucky enough to have a visit from Belle in assembly today and are having stories read to them by children from Elm Class Year 5.

This week we have been busy learning the phonics lp,lf,lk and pt. We have been learning how to use 'time openers' to write recounts.

Over the last two weeks we have started thinking about early multiplication by counting in 2s,5s and 10s and working out how to count lots of/sets of the same number. We have also been looking at practical sharing as an early form of division. Some children are already using their knowledge of number sequences and halves/doubles to help them work out the answers quickly.

We have been playing the games 'Connect the dots' in 2s, 5's and 10's. These are accessed through the website 'Topmarks'.We have also played the 'Sharing' game.



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it's nearly Half Term !!


It was a pleasure to see so many parents and family members at our Coffee Morning, we hope you enjoyed hearing about what the children have been up to and were impressed at their confidence, we certainly were!

It has also been lovely to chat to you at Parents Evening and there have been lots of positive comments on the children's work and progress.

Thank you for all the wonderful rocket models we have received so far, so much time and effort has gone into them and we look forward to sharing the children's Homework Buffet work in March. Please don't feel obliged to do the activities if there is too much going on or if it becomes a battle! We merely offer these ideas as enrichment and hope they don't make home life more stressful!

This week we have been learning the sounds gl,pl,cl and fl. Please reinforce these when you can. Spellings will be given but not tested until the end of the first week back, we do practise these in school and do not put pressure on the children to get them all correct .With the spellings, most importantly, we hope they commit them to memory and use them in their writing.

We have now completed our phonics assessments  (not the official Year 1 tests) and will return to Group Reading after Half Term .Children may change groups following the outcome of these assessments but we will endeavour to keep our spellings going alongside.

In maths we have been comparing number values and using the symbols <  > = to show greater than , less than and equal to. We have been playing the maths game 'Alligator' (softschools website) which allows the children to choose the correct greater than number .If you complete the easy level then there is an option to go on to higher numbers.

Thank you for your support this Half Term and we hope you have a safe and enjoyable week off.

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This week!


This week we have been learning the sounds cr,br,fr and bl.We are now finishing our retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk and planning our very own versions with our own characters and magical events! The children have come up with all sorts of weird and wonderful ideas, their creative flair certainly on show ! Watch out for stories based in the desert (where a giant cactus leads up to the sky) , rainbows and the most desperate and sad characters who really deserve a happy ending !

The children have individual targets for their writing but we are trying hard to develop properly formed letters (copies will be available on Parent's Evening)  , most letters are started from the bottom in the pre-cursive style. The letters should either be tall (like t,l,k,h,d,b,) or small (such as  e,a etc) or go under the line (y,g,p,f) If you can reinforce this at home on a 1 to 1 basis this would be great!. 

In maths we have been learning about Place Value , so the value of Tens and Ones (or units as we also call them). We have started on the teen numbers and progressed from there. The children have enjoyed playing a game called 'Shark Numbers' where the children can use towers of 10 and ones and match them to a number. You can choose a range of numbers that the children feel comfortable with.

We hope you enjoy our Coffee Morning and look forward to seeing you at Parent's Evening!


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This Week


We are looking forward to our Transport Day!! The class have been very excited talking about their outfits!

This week we have been learning the consonant blends mp and nt. New spellings will be based on these and key words for our writing . We are practising our spellings most days in coloured pencil,bubble writing, capitals, in square boxes , written in dashes and basically any way to help us!

Please keep up daily reading and word practice. The children are practising their reading skills in Group Reading every week as well as completing a piece of comprehension to ensure they understand what they read. We are in the process of considering a new scheme which will enable the children to swap their books more regularly and with online activities. We will let you know in due course!

In Maths we have been measuring and practising adding by counting on , we have been playing 'Helicopter Rescue' which is a mental maths adding game where you can select the number range etc so well worth trying that at home!

We are also trying to get organsied to show you our work and learn a song  for our Coffee Morning that is coming up on Friday 8th February. We look forward to this event!


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What's going on in Beech Class?


This week you will be receiving a letter about our Transport day on 25th January. We are launching our new topic and would like the children to immerse themselves in it! We will be cooking, tasting, experimenting and exploring, moving around in different groups and to different classes. We hope the children will get alot of inspiration for Travel  and Transport (they may also come home rather tired!!).

Most of the children have come home with a Spelling Book recently and should practise these regularly. We find that writing them in different styles and colours is a good way to practise them and help them to focus on each letter. Our phonics groups continue to develop and children will move around as neccessary from time to time. 

Please can I remind everyone of the importance of reading most nights, especially to reinforce those key words . This regular practise makes a amazing difference to the children's reading progress at this key stage in their development.

This week , in maths, we have been learning how to find halves of numbers to 10/20 or beyond.Last week we looked at doubles. There is a game called 'Hit The Button' which is a fast response to simple questions that you can set to different maths concepts and number ranges, well worth searching for and having a go of ! 




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