Book week


The children have really enjoyed dressing up as various characters and they look fabulous! Thank you for your hard work in getting them ready for today! They were lucky enough to have a visit from Belle in assembly today and are having stories read to them by children from Elm Class Year 5.

This week we have been busy learning the phonics lp,lf,lk and pt. We have been learning how to use 'time openers' to write recounts.

Over the last two weeks we have started thinking about early multiplication by counting in 2s,5s and 10s and working out how to count lots of/sets of the same number. We have also been looking at practical sharing as an early form of division. Some children are already using their knowledge of number sequences and halves/doubles to help them work out the answers quickly.

We have been playing the games 'Connect the dots' in 2s, 5's and 10's. These are accessed through the website 'Topmarks'.We have also played the 'Sharing' game.



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