To be continued..! 20/3/2020


It was with  a heavy heart that I have said goodbye to the fabulous Beech Class just now on FaceTime!

I am very sad not to have spent the last few days with the children, as self-isolating . Mrs Shuttlewood has been an absolute star and come in to cover for the last two days , on her days off, bless her! I am extremely grateful to her and hope the children have enjoyed the activities planned. 

I hope in the coming weeks that you can all work out a way to stay safe and do some nice activities. Staying at home has been a challenge for my family !! I definitely know that at times you will all need your own space, try to make a little time for fun activities (baking/making/paper folding/art/games/card  games or card stacking towers/dance offs/the cereal box game etc ,you also need some exercise and fresh air not to mention time to keep the brain alert! All great in theory but pop in there working from home, constant cleaning and germ management , washing , food prep, food shopping etc its quite a juggling act!

The children have their work packs, these will be a good basis to make a page or so part of their day. Some children will need a routine to keep them feeling safe, others maybe not at first but at some stage. There are so many educational websites offering free use at the moment too - No 1 is Twinkl - we use this alot !  go to , code CVDTWINKLHELPS .They have quite a lot of printable work however and if your house is anything like mine, this will be running low already and although not quite as hard to find as toilet paper it is still a rarity! 'Phonicsplay' is also offering free access -  username : march20 , password : home. 'Planbee' , 'URbrainy'  and 'Plazoom' are also offering free learning packs and site access. BBC have some great pages and there is a fabulous number of videos to watch on '' and games to play. Joe Wicks is offering a 30min PE session every morning at 9am but there are also many 5 min workut for kids on his Youtube channel. 'Gonoodle' is also great fun for dances etc ,they have their own website which is free to sign up for and 'Cosmic Kids Yoga' on Youtube is fab for more restful times. Please don't forget to read, this is so important ,the children have made so much progress and become so enthusiastic it would be so sad for this to stop.

We were about to learn so much more -measuring , how to measure in cms , more/less than a metre etc , drawing lengths and  ordering /estimating length. We were going to make moving pictures of London with a turning London Eye (split pin), lifting Tower Bridge levers and split pins , moving River Thames (a card slider) and pop up Shard. You are welcome to try any of these at home! We have not yet used weights or learnt about time , this is much easier to do at home as children tend to learn differently and be at different stages with this. 

One activity that would be lovely to do would be making a diary of how the children's plants grow ( I hope they do!)

There is a  page on Facebook called 'ideas to survive school closure' . I highly recommend this , there are lots of logins for free site access and lovely ideas from parents and teachers alike to keep children occupied. 

I may see a few of you if you are coming back to school in the coming weeks as part of the Keyworkers entitlement but I do hope that for the good of us all , that I see Beech Class in May or June because it will mean that we have a grip on this terrible virus and things can start to get  back to some new form of reality. The sooner the better! 

The children have been a fabulous bunch this year and have progressed so much , you should be very proud of them, although cut short , they have been one of my favourite classes and there's been a lot! I hope they are as lovely for you at home ....

In the mean time , please keep safe and stay sane! 

If you have any concerns , please email the school and I will get back to you ASAP. 

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