Tuck Shop

At Jotmans Hall our Year 5 pupils run a very popular Tuck Shop at break times.  They sell healthy items such as yoghurt raisins, spicy noodles, apple slices, seeds and raisins and many more.  On Friday they also sell milkshakes which are in high demand! 

The Year 5 pupils take full responsibility for the Tuck Shop; organising meetings, tasting new products and making decisions about what to sell.  The Tuck Shop is run like a business, with pupils taking on responsible roles, such as Tuck Shop Managers, Finance Manager, Marketing Manager, Purchasing Managers and Stock Controllers.  They keep track of the income and expenditure, count the stock and order replenishments when necessary. 

Groups of pupils form Sales Teams and they sell the products each break time to their peers. 

This very worthwhile initiative helps the children understand about the way a business operates, and provides a very popular service to the whole school. 

See below for the latest Tuck Shop Rules.  


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