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School Council Minutes- Friday 14th July 2020



Pupil Perception Questions

The School Council received many suggestions from the whole school and 20 questions were written from the answers given on the Pupil Views Board. 1 of the questions was rejected, as the School Council felt that the question would not tell them anything new. The School Council decided to add 6 more questions, as they felt questions about sports day and House Teams were important. It was decided not to ask questions about school dinners on the Pupil Perception, as the School Council would like to have a meeting with the School Chefs and then gather information from the other children.


The Houses of Parliament Trip

 Mrs Lovett reported that she had had a reply from The Houses of Parliament. Many schools throughout the country have asked to visit The Houses of Parliament and there is not enough time for all the school to visit The Houses of Parliament. The names of all the schools will be put in a raffle and if Jotmans Hall Primary School has been selected to visit The Houses of Parliament, then Mrs Lovett should find out at the end of February.


Pupil Views Board Question

The question voted for by The School Council was:

‘What activities would you like to take part in during P.E. Lessons?’


Behaviour at lunchtime

Unfortunately the School Council meeting ended before we could discuss this item.School Council members have been trying to encourage children to put their rubbish from their packed lunches or school dinners in the bins.

During the next School Council meeting, the summer lunchtime play activities will be discussed.


Next meeting: Friday 20th March at 10.00 a.m.

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Minutes of School Council – 17.01.2020

SChool council 1.JPG


School Behaviour Levels:

The School Council looked at the School Behaviour Levels and decided that the levels did not need to be changed this year.

Houses of Parliament Trip:

Mrs Lovett reported that the school had contacted The Houses of Parliament about a visit in the summer term. The School Council is waiting for an email from The Houses of Parliament to see whether a school visit can take place.

When the date of the visit is known, the School Council will write to Rebecca Harris M.P. asking is they can talk to her when they visit the Houses of Parliament.

The Multi School’s Council:

Mrs Lovett had been trying to take the KS2 School Council Members to a Multi School’s Council on Wednesday 22nd January. Unfortunately Mrs Lovett’s emails have been unanswered. 

Pupil Views board:

The Pupil Views board will be moving from the front entrance hall to the hall.

Staff will be setting up the new Pupil Views board next week.

The board will also be used to collect the views of pupils, so that the School Council can discuss them and see if there can be any changes to school life.

Mrs Lovett mentioned the pupil perception survey needs to be carried out each year.

There followed a discussion about the questions staff ask pupils in the pupil perception survey.

The School Council felt that pupils should have a say about the questions they were asked on the pupil perception survey.

All the School Council voted yes to the proposal, that the first question asked on the new Pupil Views boards would be:


‘What questions would you like to the school to ask you, on the pupil perception survey?’

 The School Council would like to complete their pupil perception survey electronically.

Ms Warnes will be asked to talk to the whole school about this question during an assembly.

Pupils will be able to write their questions and post them on the Pupil Views board.


Ideas for the new School Awards board:

There is to be a new display board in the hall.

The board will display:

  1. The weekly attendance awards
  2. The current total of house points for Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires and Diamonds.
  3. Exceptional E.R.I.C. certificates.

The School Council would also like the photographs of children who earn an E.R.I.C. badge to be placed on the screen in the entrance hall.

The school Council looked at different ways of presenting the House Points for each team. Have a look at the picture above to see the chosen design.

The next School Council meeting will be on Friday 14th February at 9.45 a.m.

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Watch this Space


Classes have been busy holding elections for our pupil leadership groups. Miss Warnes will be announcing the elected pupils soon so check back soon for more information. 

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