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Mrs S Coultrup

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Happy Easter!


Hi everyone!

Hope you have had another great week and are all keeping safe and well.

I have been in school this week with Mrs Farrugia and we have been very busy. We had a brilliant team of young gardeners to help us rejuvinate the interactive garden! We were very lucky to receive lots of flowers and plants from Altons Garden Centre. Before we could plant any of them we had to weed the six beds which were very overgrown. We now have some lovely pots of flowers and rows of vegetables ready to grow. We tidied the whole area and are so pleased with the way it looks. The other teachers have promised to keep it watered for us next week. If you are in school, make sure you remind them!!!

It is now officially the Easter holidays. It won't be the same as other years but while the weather is good, get outside in your gardens or go for a walk in the local area and take some time to chill. Read a book, do some drawing and eat lots of chocolate!!!

We will be sending new work home for you after the Easter break. Until then, have fun and have a rest.

Thinking of you all

Love Mrs Coultrup

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Hello from Mrs Coultrup!


Hello everyone!

Hope you have all had a great week at home and have enjoyed the sunny weather!

I have been at home this week as it is my 'unofficial' Easter holiday! I have been busy in the garden (making the most of the sunshine!), tidying the house and encouraging Ellis to do some school work!!! 

There has been lots of ideas to keep you busy on the school Facebook page alongside the work packs we sent home. Make sure you do lots of different activities to make the day as fun as possible-P.E. with Joe Wicks, art and craft, gardening, cooking and getting some fresh air!

I will be in school next week so I might see some of you. If you walk past the school give me a wave!

Thinking of you all and hoping Willow Class will be back together very soon.

Take care

Mrs Coultrup

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Extended Easter Holidays


Dear All

It is such a shame the term has come to an end so abruptly-we have had a great time learning about the Fire of London, Plants, rehearsing for the Infant Music Festival and working on a range of Maths involving number, fractions and data handling. The children have all worked very hard and enjoyed the London topic. 

Next week we planned a Big Write whereby the children would write a diary like Samuel Pepys. They would imagine they were around in 1666 and were an eyewitness at the fire. If you would like to complete this at home please feel free to do so. Think about the senses-what could you see, hear, feel and touch when you were observing the fire? Who were you? Did you have a special role? Include real facts in the diary of what actually happened alongside feelings and emotions.

We are also sending home packs of work today which should keep the children busy! 

We hope it will not be too long before Willow Class is reunited. Keep safe and take care.

Mrs Coultrup. Miss Brown, Mrs Farrugia and Mrs Harding.

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World Book Day/The Great Fire Of London


We have had another very busy week in Willow Class!!

We have celebrated World Book Day for most of the week and shared and wrote stories with other adults and classes throughout the school. We particularly enjoyed visiting Oak class and sitting under blankets with torches sharing stories with the year 6 children!

We also began our work on the Great Fire of London. We began by watching an information film about it. We then sequenced the events and wrote our own fact files. We also completed a comprehension on it. Next week we have a visit from the Fire Service when the children will be shown artefacts from the time of the fire and how the equipment of the day put out the fire.

Thank you for all the new models and Fire of London cakes that arrived this week!

Have a great weekend

Mrs Coultrup and Miss Brown.

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Second Half Term Spring 2020


Welcome back to the next Spring half term! We hope you all had a great week off school.

It will be a very busy few weeks up to Easter.....

Next week it is Book Week, then we have a visit from the Fire Service for our topic on the Fire of London and the Year 2 Music Festival is on March 23rd.

MIss Brown returned to Willow Class this week after her placement in another school. We were all very pleased to see her back and she worked with the children on fractions all week which they really enjoyed. She also started the Science topic on Plants and we did an environment walk around the school looking at the different types of plants we could find.

We all completed some writing on London landmarks. Many of you went to London during the week off so the children had lots to tell. We also saw lots of wonderful models that had been made during the holiday.

Today the children will bring home spellings to learn for the Spelling Bee which starts on March 9th. This will really help the children learn their spellings in a fun way. 

Thank you for all  the book donations and your continued support.

Have a good weekend

Mrs Coultrup


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