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Sports, Swimming and Summer!



A huge congratulations to the 9 children who competed in the district sports competition this week. I hope that they enjoyed the competition and continue to grow as athletes for next year.  I hope that you were able to see the art work we had on display in the hall on Wednesday 11th July.. 

The children met their new teacher this week and are all excited to have a new teacher and to be in a new class! If they have any concerns, please raise them before the end of term so we can make it an easy transition. 

Mr Holmes 

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This week we have been learning a bit about space! On Tuesday, we were fortunate to have an astrodome come into school which showed the planets and galaxy through the eyes of a telescope. 

We then learned all about the order of the planets in our solar system and build a scaled down version of this on the playground using different measures and working as a team. 

We also had our last swimming lesson this week! Thank you once again to parents for remembering to send your child in with kit throughout this term! 

Have a good weekend, 

Mr Holmes 

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Squiggly Spaghetti!

wormy spaghetti.jpg

This week in Literacy we have looked at several play scripts from the popuar Roald Dahl books. On Thursday, the children were allocated groups and acted out the scene in The Twits where Mrs Twit feeds her husband worms. The children had a lot of fun adding their own stage directions to the script. Congratulations to all the children for reaching 100 parliament points this week and earning a non uniform day. Parliament points are awarded by other teachers in the school for positive behaviour. This week also saw us complete our Castles topic as we will be looking at Space next week. 

Have a good weekend,

Mr Holmes

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Colchester Castle



Thank you to all the parents who bought the correct kit and were on time for the school trip. 

On Monday we visitied Colchester Castle and the children got to explore the ruins and to dress up in a variety of outfits. I am positive the children who attended the trip had a good day! We learnt lots about the local history and what it was like to live there. Later in the week we wrote a short persuasive piece on why someone should go to Colchester Castle. 

Thank you once again to all the parents for getting the homework completed and in on time. 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Mr Holmes

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Plays & Dialogues


This week the children of Maple have been learning and performing a variety of pieces. One of the activities was to adopt a character pair and to improvise a dialogue between the pair. One of my favourites was the bus driver and the angry passengers. 

A text should of gone out to parents informing parents what they need to bring on Monday for the school trip. Thank you and well done to those children and parents who worked hard on the weekly spellings last week. We will continue to give the children 10 spellings to improve on from Monday to Friday until the end of the year. 

I am looking forward to the trip to Colchester castle on Monday! 

Have a good weekend and Fathers day, 

Mr Holmes


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What We Have Been Learning About!


The past two weeks have been great, 

We have learned what goes on a healthy plate, 

We have studied the Romans, 

and learned what it is to be humans. 


We have learned that bones keep you strong, 

If you don't believe us you are wrong, 

We have counted up to subtract, 

We have also learned to count back, 


In English we have been brushing up on our poetry, 

As well as learning that not all past tense verbs end in ed, 

Meanwhiile in PE we are learning how to move safely, 

Because Mr Holmes says that in the classroom we are too noisy, 


We've learned lots of French words for food,

However Mr Holmes can't pronounce them any good, 

in the coming weeks we want to show,

Just how much we can grow, 


Mr Holmes.

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