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In The Desert

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Lovely to see the majority of the parents this week at parents evening. Just a small post about the past 2 weeks where we have looked at poetry and been lucky enough to have a poet come in and speak with the children.

Today as a class we came up with:

On our trip in the desert with our school,

Palm trees and cactus grow really tall,

Exploring the land,

Digging in the sand,

We found ancient pyramids,

We’ll tell you what we did,


We wacked our teacher on the head,

He fell over but wasn’t dead,

We ripped out his guts,

Threw them on the bus,


We tore the ribs until they cracked,

We celebrated and clapped,

We chopped out the heart,  

It squirted out like a jam tart,


We clawed out the liver,

We launched into the river,

 We yanked out the eyes,

Then stirred it into pies,


We hacked out the brain,

Then kicked around like a game,

We wrapped our teacher in tissue,

We didn’t have an issue.


Now we’re on our way home,

Our teachers all bandaged up left alone,

Now were back at home,

With our souvenir bones.




Have a nice break and we look forward to seeing you after half term to learn about the Egyptians. 

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This week we have started some poetry in literacy and the following is what some of the class have come up with today:

Whenever everything goes dark,
Whenever the twinkling stars come out,
All night long the fierce dogs bark,
The destructive wolves come and shout,
Late in the night when the moon shines bright, 
Why does he not get an awful fright? 

In maths we have been estimating and measuring different lengths and weight of objects. Although our estimates of the weight of a water bottle varied at the start from 1g to 1000kg we were able to make suitable estimations. Homework this week is to write a poem around the theme 'states of matter, to link with our science. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Holmes and Mrs Curtis 

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What Is In The Box?


This week we have been thinking scientifically making a prediction and testing hypothesis about what was in the mystery box. Children verbalised their answers based on their knowledge of what it could be. A lot of children thought that it was a ball but thought it was too heavy to be a ball. Other children thought it was a weight. It was a frozen water balloon as we were learning about changing states of matter. 

We have also written our 'Big Write' stories that are about a fictional character who finds themselves lost in the sea. We were throughly impressed with some of the creative ideas they came up with throughout the past few weeks. 

Miss Groves has built on some of the ideas we discussed last week in Art looking at surrealism and will hopefully be working with the Children of Maple on developing their creativity and understanding of the subject in the coming weeks. 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Mr Holmes and Mrs Curtis 

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Salvador Dali


This week we have consolidated our knowledge of addition and subtraction throughout the week and developing different methods to solve these. We have continued to build on our vocabulary and dialogue surrounding an adventure story. This will aid our writing next week. We also looked at the artist Salvador Dali and had an our first attempt at some surrealism. 

Have a good weekend, 

Mr Holmes and Mrs Curtis

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Happy New Year and welcome back, we hope you had a lovely break and have recovered from all the festivities. As promised before the break we have awarded several E.R.I.C awards for effort in reading over the holidays. As voted by the children of Maple class we are now reading 'The Ice Monster' as our class book. The children have settled back in nicely to a routine of work and have made a positive start. Let's hope that continues throughout the term. Homework this week is Maths and handwriting and is due in on Thursday 16th January, any problems please let us know before then. 


Mr Holmes and Mrs Curtis

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What We Have Been Learning About!


The past two weeks have been great, 

We have learned what goes on a healthy plate, 

We have studied the Romans, 

and learned what it is to be humans. 


We have learned that bones keep you strong, 

If you don't believe us you are wrong, 

We have counted up to subtract, 

We have also learned to count back, 


In English we have been brushing up on our poetry, 

As well as learning that not all past tense verbs end in ed, 

Meanwhiile in PE we are learning how to move safely, 

Because Mr Holmes says that in the classroom we are too noisy, 


We've learned lots of French words for food,

However Mr Holmes can't pronounce them any good, 

in the coming weeks we want to show,

Just how much we can grow, 


Mr Holmes.

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