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This week the children have enjoyed travelling through time to the swinging 60s to learn about the art of Andy Warhol and the Pop Art style. The vibrant and bold colours he used contrasted with the thick black thick lines to show the light and the darkness of the subject have intrigued the children who were very eager to learn about it.

Our budding artists have now started to create their own masterpieces in the style of Andy Warhol, which can be seen above, and they will continue to learn about the style and create more colourful artwork in the coming weeks.

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Something Fishy...


Elm is lucky enough to have a fair few aquatic members of the classroom, from our tiny baby guppies to our massive pink kissing gouramis. The children have watched eagerly as our class fish tank has been transformed from an empty container into a flourishing tropical environment for our cute and colourful companions. 

The fish tank was running swimmingly (pun intended) for the Autumn term until disaster struck and the water turned green (OH NO!). But, with some quick investigation we found out that the water had too much algae growing in it so, with the addition of an ultra violet filter, we were able to get the water back to being crystal clear again.

It may have taken a while to set up, but the tank is now ready for the children to take on the responsibilities of tank monitoring and feeding the fish. Our fish tank managers: Tyler, Kieran & Zemoya will be taking a further role in making sure these tasks are being carried out by delegating them to other children and carrying them out themselves when necessary.

As a class, we are very proud of our fish tank and love watching the fish grow. Parents and carers will be able to see the tank itself on Parents' Evening where Mr Chapman & Mrs Phillips will happily answer any questions you have about our feisty, fascinating fish.

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We have started a new exciting module on making good arguments this week; the children have really been enjoying learning about the features and how to use cohesive devices to make a powerful argument. Our class have had fun using their knowledge to create effective for and against arguments and have already had class debates on whether our lunch time should be extended and whether homework should be abolished.  There were no surprises when the winning sides were voted on! We will be continuing this module for the next week or so, so I would like to apologise now if you notice your children are better at arguing for later bedtimes!

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Tudor Artwork


The children have been busy over the past weeks creating artwork inspired by the Tudor period of history. With the help of our resident Tudor Doctor (Dr Tudorman), the class created quills which they then used to show off their calligraphy skills by writing advertisements for cures to the common diseases of the age using Tudor script. We have also been working on artwork inspired by the paintings of the time; from the famous paintings of kings and queens to the beautiful art depicting the Tudor rose - the children have been embracing their creative ability.

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Important Information

Homework is set on FRIDAY and due the following WEDNESDAY.

P.E. is now:

Tuesday OUTDOOR             Wednesday INDOOR

Appleton Trip:

Our trip to Appleton School is on Friday 1st March. Children need to attend school at the usual time and will be back before home time.

Children must bring their own packed lunch. If your child is entitled to free school meals, a packed lunch will be provided.


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