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2nd - 6th December 2019


The pace hasn't let up in Chestnut Class this week - the children have been busy beavering away as usual! The Year 6 children spent some time going over the test papers from last week, to see where they can improve in future.  The Year 5 children worked on a double-page spread, consolidating their knowledge of Hinduism. 

The class began a new Science topic ("Living Things") and studied the life-cycles of amphibians, mammals, insects and birds.  The children commenced preparation for their last Big Write of the autumn term, "A Winter Journey", which they will write up next week.  In Maths, the children got to grips with algebra and algebraic equations.   


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25th - 29th November 2019


Chestnut Class began the week by writing the final edit of their Big Writes - an intriguing letter from Lady Macbeth to Macbeth!

The Year 6 pupils in Chestnut Class have also been busy completing SATs practise papers.  The children have undertaken an arithmetic paper and two reasoning papers in Maths.  They also completed a reading paper, grammar paper and spelling test in Literacy. They all worked very conscientiously.  Well done, Year 6!  During these sessions, the Year 5 pupils worked on embedding Maths and Literacy skills in The Orchard.

The whole class looked at the Hindu religion, in Religious Studies, concentrating on the concept of reincarnation.  They also began designing and planning their Winter collage pictures in Art.  

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18th - 22nd November 2019


It has been another very busy week in Chestnut Class.  In Maths, the children looked at decimals, fractions and percentages, and practised converting one to the other.  Literacy lessons continued with Big Write preparation - the children planned their letters from Lady Macbeth to Macbeth. They will be writing their actual Big Writes on Monday and we are looking forward to reading the product of all their hard work.  The children began looking at the new topic of South America in Geography. They studied the component countries and their relevant capital cities.  The children also worked in pairs and used their cutting skills and origami knowledge to produce some lovely snowflakes, which are now decorating the classroom.

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11th - 15th November 2019


This week in Chestnut Class, we finished reading the intriguing story of 'Macbeth'.  Also in Literacy, we continued with the Sentence Stacking which is where we plan sections of our Big Write (some of the vocabulary in SS4 was incredible).

In Maths, we worked on mutiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000 as well as mutlipying and dividing integers (whole numbers).

We have been learning about the human body in Science.  This week, we looked at the role of the digestive system.  Quick Fact - the tongue moves when you're eating!

We ended the week by dressing up as our favourite movie character for Pudsey Day (Children in Need) and we each donated £1 to the charity. Some of the costumes were amazing!

by Jess and George (a.k.a. Maid Marion and Danny Zuko!)

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4th - 8th November 2019


The pupils of Chestnut Class returned from the half-term break refreshed and ready to continue with their learning...

In Maths, the children studied coordinates, learning to translate and reflect various shapes.

In Literacy, the Class began studying the fascinating Shakespearean story of 'Macbeth', in preparation for their next Big Write.  We are very much looking forward to seeing the live production of 'Macbeth' by the Young Shakespeare Company, in school, on Tuesday 19th November. (A gentle reminder - a voluntary contribution of £2 per child is respectfully requested to help fund this exciting, educational event.)

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