Welcome Back

Welcome back!!

We have once again hit the ground running! The children have been looking at money this week, identifying coins, ordering them and looking at the value of them. If you go shopping, ask your child which coins they should use. Many of us don't use 'real' money today, so this is a skill the children have found tricky! The more practise the better. 


This week we have made cupcakes this week to celebrate the children recieving 1000 Dojos as a class. We have measured the ingredients using grams and then made them. We will be using this knowledge to write instructions using 'Imperative verbs'. (a bossy word that tells you what to do) Test them whilst you're asking them to do something. We have been putting our hands on our heads when we use one. 

Put your clothes away.

Lay the table for dinner. 

Eat up.


Spelling Bee Spellings will be coming home with the children tomorrow (Weds 26th) Please check your childs bag and practise these with them. We will be doing 10 a day for the Spelling Bee. There is more information about the Spelling Bee on Parent Mail. Please note, All children will recieve a participation certificate for taking part! How Exciting!

Miss Andrews and Miss Goulding (she's back woohoo) :-)


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