Welcome back!


Welcome back Cedar Class!

I hope you've all had a lovely long and relaxing break and are looking forward to the new year ahead!

We have lots of lovely things planned this term including a dress up day on the 25th January (More information to follow) as well as lots of opportunities to cook delicious cuisine from around the world as well as a DT project to design our own mode of transport!

Phonics and Homework 

We have been looking at the 'igh' and 'oa' sounds this week. Homework will be to read words with these sounds and decided which are real words and which are nonsense. Children who have completed their homework will receive 'DOJO's' and these are a huge incentive in the class. (homework sheets will be sent home). We are also starting a reading incentive. Children who read 4 times a week with an adult with recieve a star on their chart and will earn themselves stickers and rewards. (See the inside cover of your child's reading record for this chart, this will kick off from next week).

Next Week

(w/c 14th January) we will be learning about the story 'The Hundred Decker Bus'.

The Hundred Decked bus is about a bus driver who takes the wrong turning one day and ends up on a different route.

On his new route to 'anywhere' he picks up too many passengers and has to build more floors to his bus to fit them all on. We will be designing our own bus tickets, as well as re writing the story and designing our own characters! Perhaps you could discuss with your child a trip on a bus they have taken and where they went!


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