A calm environment

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What a great first week back at school!


In maths, we have been looking at 3D shapes! We have been focussing on the faces, corners and vertices of 3d shapes and have enjoyed introducing our shapes to our friends. "This is Mr Cone, he has 1 flat face and 1 curved faces, 1 vertice and 1 corner".


In English we have been looking at Acrostic poems. We had a go at writing one about ourselves and then today we wrote one about 'Transport'. We have been talking about 'having a calm environment' when doing our work. Cedar class really enjoy turning off the lights and putting on fairy lights, music and calming visuals (such as a crackling fire or underwater scenes). This has really helped us focus. Check out the pictures.


In Phonics we have started phase 5! Your child now knows the following sounds and should be encouraged to identify these in words and begin to read them.

  • ay (as in play)
  • ou (as in loud)
  • ie (as in tie)

Next week we are excited to celebrate pancake day (Tuesday) and world book day (Thursday)!!


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