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This week 29/11


This week has been full of designing and making and the children have thrown themselves into designing bedrooms for their toys!

The children have researched ideas, tried different bedroom layouts and eventually planned their final design. They then set to work painting their floors and walls before making the beds and other furniture. we still have some soft furnishings and evaluating to do and then the children will be able to bring the finished bedrooms home to play with.

Thank you all for bringing in so many useful bits and bobs for the children to get creative with. We have some particularly interesting creations including pillows and tables and will try to cut in windows and doors next week.

Well done to those who acheived Reader of the week this week - Lottie, Lexie,Lewis,Charlie, Amelia, Alice, Eden - Beau, Poppy, Zander, Lily C and Ashley.

Next week is our last full week and we have lots planned with a Big Write assessment and shape work.We start some Christmas preparations as well as our final rehearsals for the nativity!! 

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This week 22/11


This week has been busy and fun filled!

We have been boarded up and so access for the children has involved some problem solving!! The children have been amazingly good at adjusting to the changes and noise at times! 

In literacy , we have been reading a non fiction book about houses and writing questions to pose. We have used  the dictionaries and thought about how to use alphabetical order to find words.  We have looked at 'sm', 'sn' and the ending 'nch' as well as revising 'ure'. The children are also getting more confident in using their sounds to spell new words as well the key words each week. The children have come home with a ticklist of key skills for their reading colour band in their Reading Records. The teachers will sign these off when achieved and prove they are ready for the next colour stage.

Well done to the following children for Reader of The Week, acheiving 5 Dojos for 5 reads- Lewis, Lottie, Lexie, Poppy, Eden-Beau, Lennie,Charlie,Florence, Phoebe and Isabella.

In maths, we have been working on number bonds to 20 (add and take way ) and some pairs that make 100. The game 'Hit the button' encourages the children to practise these with quick fire questions and offers diffrent levels of challenge.

Thank you to those parents who have sent in boxes etc for our room building next week, we have alot of boxes now but may need to keep collecting smaller bits and bobs.

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This week!


This week has been another busy one! Year 1 children who requested  speaking parts have been given their lines and song practice has begun in earnest! The children are sounding wonderful and it is beginning to feel a tiny bit like christmas!

Thank you for your Children in Need donations and wonderful costumes today, the children have enjoyed some Pudsey Bear maths and listened to stories about the great work that the charity funds. Well done to Charlie for winning the class prize with his great Marty Mcfly costume!

In literacy , we have been recognising rhymes and continuing the pattern , then putting them into a poem . We have been learning the l blends -bl,cl,pl,fl,cl,gl,sl and revising 'air'. Well done to Erin-Brooke, Lewis, Lexie, Phoebe, Lottie, Charlie and Eden-Beau who gained 5 dojos for being our Readers of The Week and getting their second ticks on the Reading Challenge chart.

In maths , we have revisited number bonds to 10 in a variety of ways so that the children have mental recall and exteded this to using the pairs in subtraction - i.e 6+4=10   10-4=6  10-6=4. We have played 'Save the Whale' and played snap with playing cards when we have founds pairs that make 10. Some children have been taught the connection between number bonds to 10 and those to 100 (i.e 7+3= 10, 70+30= 100)

The week beginning 25th will be our Design and Technology week and we will be making  bedrooms so please start collecting shoe boxes, fabric scraps, small boxes for furniture and carpet if possible as this will be really useful. 


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This week!


I hope you had a restful half term  break!

The children have come back to school with renewed energy and enthusiasm and are ready to work hard. 

In our literacy , we have been writing firework poems and learning the  consonant blends - fr, pr, br, dr, tr and gr (easily mistaken for ch in some words). We continue to work on 5 key spellings per week. Many children have acheived reader of the week this week and all are keen to get their ticks on the chart towards Bronze certificates for reading ! Well done to : Ruby-Rose, Erin-Brooke, Poppy, Eden-Beau, Lottie, Lily C, Charlie, Ebony, Lewis, Isabella,Alice,Ashley, Phoebe, Amelia and Lexie. 


In maths we have been adding and taking away using the number line or number square. The game 'Blast Off' has really help us practise this skill.

Keep up the wonderful Buffet Homework as there are some lovely pieces coming in that the children have shown each other- this is really raising the bar!!

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This week


This week we have coping with our classroom in the hall , the children have been very sensible about all the new arrangements .

In Maths, we have been learning how to count on to find one more and count back to find one less.We have even tried to use our money skills. The children have had a short play on 'Chopper Squad' which is a game that practises this skill at a range of levels. 

The children have also completed their first "Big Write', their independent writing assessment. It was lovely to see them using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops and trying to spell their own words. 

In art, the children were tasked with designing their own Christmas card and once printed , will come home for your approval and you can then order various printed options of them. The designs are looking very effective and I'm sure you will be pleased with them.

We are so close to Half Term now and the children are getting tired as it has been a long one to start off the year! Today the children should be bringing home their Homework books which have in them the 'Homework Buffet' choices for this term. The children can choose 5 out of 8 tasks to complete and earn themselves 5 Dojos and a certificate. The homework is not compulsory but offers some  reinforcement and enrichment of skills learnt at school. 

Well done to Xander and Lottie , who are our Readers of the Week , gaining 5 Dojos for reading 5 times over the past week. Please try to hear your child read at least 3 times per week to show that you prioritise and value this skill and help your child progress. It takes 10 minutes a day/evening but helps develop a love for reading that can last a lifetime.

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