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This week!


This week the children have already begun to remember their routines and groups! 

In maths ,we have been learning about the value of tens and ones, helping them to understand place value . We have talked about the value of each digit.We have played 'Shark and Dolphin numbers game' which practises the skill of matching blocks of ten and ones to the number. 

We have been reading 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes and making Lost posters describing Dogger. 

In phonics we are recapping the more tricky phonemes of phase 3- air, ear and ure.

All children now have their reading books and a wordlist to work on. Please ensure you write the book title and any comments or signature to show you have with your child so that they can swap their book.

The children have started learning a song for our (oudoor) harvest festival! Please send in any tins or packets if you could spare them , for our collection.

Have a lovely weekend and hold on to the  autumn sunshine while you can !

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Welcome back!!


I hope you have had a fabulous break , it has been great to listen to the children talk about all the exciting things they did.

It has been a lovely start to Beech Class with lots of happy faces and eager attitudes! 

As a year1/2 class it can sometimes be a tricky transition for those children coming straight from reception but they soon settle in to the routines and gradually accept less time for play , although I  try to use games and practical activities to balance things out.

This week, we have been reading 'Whatever Next?' and making lists about what to take to the moon. The children have also been dreaming up places where the main character, Baby Bear ,can go next. The children are trying hard to use their sounds to spell and finger spaces between words. 

We have been practising our phonics every day and from next week will start to learn a few focus sounds per week and 4 tricky words to spell.

Due to further re-structuring in the Reading Scheme, we will be giving official reading books out next week but all children have read as part of a group.

Please have a look at 'Fruit Splat Math Game' which has a range of levels where children recognise number words, which we have been learning this week.The year 1 target is recognising  0-20 and year 2 0-100!

Enjoy a restful weekend!

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Our last full week!


This week you will receive your End of Year Statements with Phonics Test results where applicable and SATs results.

The children have continued to work hard despite the heat and tiredness! We have been learning about our 5 a day , the food pyramid and Healthy eating in order to make our Rainbow Fruit kebabs for our D&T project. Hopefully, the children will go forwards and  make more informed choices about what they eat and become more adventurous in their fruit choices! I was pleased that the whole class at least tried all of the samples!

This will be the final web post ,so from us all in Beech Class , thank you for a fabulous year! It has been full and busy but there has never been a dull moment! We will be very sad to see the children leave us but hope we have given them a good grounding and are excited to hear from them about their next phase!

Thank you for your support this year and enjoy a wonderful summer!

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This week..


This four day week has been very full! 

It has been great to see the children's enthusiam for Space Week! The children really enjoyed 'Dark Day' where the classrooms were plunged into darkness and the children too! They learnt about shadows and light. On Wednesday , it was the Astrodome. The children sat inside to witness the real time position of planets and stars and their constellations. We were able to zoom in to take a closer look at planets and really begin to understand the scale of the Milky Way. We continued to share information books about space and made a space timeline, learning about a few of the main time travel events, not forgetting the first living things to be sent into space-fruit flies! On Thursday we continued by writing Space Diaries about our fantasy journeys into space . The children came in to school today looking fantastic in their imaginative costumes and we have shared our work as a school , in assembly.

Next week the children will be finding out who is /are their new teacher/s as they visit their new classes on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. On Wednesday it is Open Classroom after school to meet new teacher/s and there is an Art exhibition in the hall.

On Thursday it is our trip to Wat Tyler to enjoy mini beast hunting and pond dipping! Please remember that the children need comfortable shoes (ideally trainers) and a sunhat and suncream if is the weather is warm. Though it is against my principles to use plastic bags ( they be brought back to be re-used) , the children do need to bring their packed lunch in disposable bags wherever possible (or even better, paper bags ). If the children have their own re-usuable drinks bottles , we will take these but they do need to be named and the children will be responsible for these.

Well done to our Readers of the week- Adam,Emily O, Poppy D, Travis, Thalia,Finley, James, , Coral, Madeline ,Finlay and Dylan and those children (almost the whole class!!) who got a Dojo certificate this week!


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This week..


This week has been quite hot and humid at times and the children have done their best to battle on!

In literacy we are reading 'Where the forest meets the Sea' by Jeannie Baker. It is a beautiful book and has sparked a lot of description and also questions about what humans are doing to the natural world. The children are learning about the difference between questions and statements. 

We are continuing to add suffixes (endings) to verbs (doing words), on friday we add -er after already adding -ed and -ing. The rule is either to double the last letter then add the ending , just add the ending or take off the e and add the ending.

In maths we are looking at solving mixed word problems , and really focussing on numbers and key vocabulary that gives us a clue. The children have enjoyed using hi-lighters for this!

Next week is Space Week and we will be looking at the space landings, writing space diaries and imagining what space is like . Don't forget we are having 'Dark Day' on Tuesday  (wearing dark clothes) and Non Uniform (Space themed) on Friday .

Well done to our Readers of the Week , who are ..Adam, Finley, Finlay, Coral, Emily O, Madeline,James, Dylan ,Travis  and Thalia!



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